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Lawmakers tour the state to push for a $15 an hour minimum wage

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Illinois's current minimum wage is $8.25 an hour. That's a buck higher than the federal minimum.

Some are saying it's just not enough.

"There's two million people in this state that make less than $15 an hour. They deserve better," said State Rep. Will Guzzardi.

Guzarrdi is traveling across Illinois to raise awareness for his campaign to increase the state minimum wage.

"$8.25 is not enough to provide on your own., let alone to provide for a family. and in order to get by in today's economy, sadly,the manufacturing economy is shrinking and the jobs we are getting are service sector jobs," he said. 

Currently in the Peoria and Bloomington area there are nearly 50,000 workers who are making under $10 an hour. And with those wages, some say it's a struggle to make ends meet. 

"A lot of families are combining together because they just cant afford the cost living for rent and the food," said home care worker, Robin Sledge.  

Guzzardi says, that if the minimum wage is increased, it will help business. Some small business owners, like Tom Dunne,  disagrees.
He says, it just forces costs up.

"When you're paying somebody 10 or now going up to 12 buck an hour., I think our worker's comp was running between 4,000 a year."

Representative Guzzardi hopes there will be a house vote on the bill sometime next month.

The $15 an hour minimum wage, if approved, wouldn't kick in all at once, but would be implemented gradually through the year 2022.

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