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Normal Mayor claims another term; Tiritilli seeks for recount

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No winner could be called in the April 4th mayoral election as it was too close to call. 

Mail in ballots and absentee ballots had a two week grace period to come in. 

Tuesday, the final results were announced and it looks like things in Normal will stay normal. 

This year's mayoral race in Normal is a prime example of how every vote counts. 

Incumbent Chris Koos seals another term as Normal's mayor.

Koos beat his opponet Marc Tiritilli by just 11 votes 

It's the close tally that has Tiritilli seeking a re-count. 

Even if the re-count doesn't change the outcome, Tirtilli said he wants to stay involved and will keep an eye out for policies that don't benefit the city. 

"We'll be keeping an eye out for policy and trying to point out what we see is good points, bad points, which I'm sure the council does as well," said the former candidate.

Tiritilli said he also hopes Mayor Koos works on communication with residents and find the best policy for the largest amount of people.

We reached out to Mayor Koos several times for a comment, he has not returned the call at this time. 

Just over 6,000 people voted.

But we had no trouble finding several people who didn't realize Normal even had an election.

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