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Police provides tools on how parents can monitor their child's social media

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

Any child 10 or older can be charged with a misdemeanor for cyber-bullying, according to state law. 

The Centers for Disease Control say, about 25 percent of middle school students are bullied online. Ross Green with Illinois State police say they take reports of cyber bullying seriously.

"They would actually go as far as looking into the IP address and look where they are actually coming from. There are different apps out there and websites where you can send hateful material," said Trooper Green.

The CDC says, students who experience bullying are twice as likely to suffer from a variety of problems including depression, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and trouble adjusting to school.

According to Cyberbullying.org, one in three young people have experienced cyber threats through social media. And more than half of them do not report it to their parents.  

"Possibly out of being embarrassed or fearful mom and dad might intervene, and the child doesn't want to have to worry about any kind of retaliation from the bully,"said Pekin police chief, Donald Baxter 

But, there is something parents can do.

"They need to have an active role in what their child is engaging in. That's knowing what apps they have on their phone."

Police recommend parents take a look at the various social media apps and if necessary, block senders, messages and vulgar language.

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