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Spring time means high pollen count

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It's hard to stay inside on a beautiful day like Tuesday.  But  it can be a real health challenge to be outdoors for people with allergy issues. 

It's easy to jump into Spring mode on warm weather days. Temperatures are right for doing yardwork, or just spending leisure time outdoors.  But breezy warm days can cause allergies to flare up..  

"Common symptoms are itchy, watery red eyes, stuffy runny nose, scratchy throat, post nasal drip means mucus feeling in the back of your throat," said Unity Point Methodist Physician Assistant Megan Michael. 

Health officials say the key to fighting allergies is limiting the amount of time you spend outside.   Early Spring brings plenty of pollen.   But one pharmacist says there are some things you can do to breathe a little easier.

"If you do have to be outside I recommend to wear long sleeves, wear protective equipment such as sunglasses to keep pollen out of your eyes, a face mask can also be used.  Preferably stay indoors, keep the windows and doors closed, if it gets too warm use the air conditioner," said Alwan Pharmacy Pharmacist Michael Long. 

There are also several over the counter medicines available for dealing with allergies.   Health official also recommend taking a shower after spending time outdoors.

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