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Mother remembers 11-year-old son who committed suicide

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"I didn't have time to maybe notice the signs that I didn't see," said Kelly Beal.

Keegan Beal's mom, Kelly, describes her son as a boy who loved to travel and dance. She says he was often bullied by other students in school who pushed him, even hit him with a tennis racket. Eventually, she says she had to put him in a private school.

"The times that we did go to the schools and talk to them about it...he didn't want to name names. He didn't want people to get in trouble he just wanted them to leave him alone," Beal said. 

Keegan's grandmother, Kathy Rampy, memorized an excerpt from the suicide note he left earlier this month. 

 "He said, 'grandma, I know you're sad. But I want to let you know, that I Googled the bible and tried to find something on suicide. And what I found is, how god loves all,'" said Rampy.
Keegan's mom says, she wants to raise awareness in an effort to combat bullying, she intends that to includes outreach to bullies. 

"We are trying to figure out the legalities of how we can turn our home into a safe haven for these kids not just the ones that are being bullied, but the bullies. because we just want to love them," she said. 

The regional school superintendent says parents should look for the warning signs that their child is being bullied. 

"Watching what kids are interacting with, what their looking at, and that kind of thing. When they are at home and share that with your school district," said Elizabeth Derry. 

The school district also has resources posted on its website to help parents and students to turn to on the topic.

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