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Candy lovers gear up for Easter

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The Easter bunny is going to be leaving plenty of goodies this weekend.

What's your favorite candy?

"That is an interesting conversation actually," John Gerber.

The answer to the age old question could be debated for hours. 

"We're both big fans of runts," said Gerber.

"Yes, however, I don't like bananas," said Jenn Gerber.

"One of us apparently has an issue with bananas and all things goodness," joked John.

But whether you like sweet, --  or sour, --  or strictly chocolate there is something for everyone at Holland's Mercantile in Washington. 

And with a holiday coming up this weekend that involves finding candy, the store is seeing a lot of business. 
A survey from the National Retail Federation says that Americans will spend about two point six billion dollars on Easter candy this year.

Shop owners said with the beautiful weekend and the holiday they are definitely seeing sweet treats fly off their shelves.

"We've been selling a lot of the apples that are bunnies and chicks. We only started making them a few days ago and they are already going," said Brianna Shawn with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

With all that sugar -- don't forget to brush your teeth.

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