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Bloomington Midwest Food Bank relocating across city line

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Some big changes are taking place for Midwest Food Bank in Bloomington.  Its moving to a new facility across the city-line. 

Shelves at Midwest Food bank in Bloomington are empty.   That's because the agency is moving from it's warehouse to one nearly four times it's current size in Normal on Warehouse Road. 

"We didn't have room to store all the food that we needed to store.  We are renting space here in the city.  We didn't have adequate parking for trucks and for all the many volunteers that come in," said Midwest Food Bank Administrator Mike Meece.

Meece says when Midwest Food Bank started in 2005, it provided food to about 10 food pantries in Bloomington.  That number has grown significantly to nearly 1400 and now includes several social service agencies.   It's territory extends throughout Illinois, Kentucky Tennessee and East Africa.   Midwest Food Bank also delivers food around the country for disaster relief. 
Meece says there are only two loading docks at the old location but the new facility has seven. 
Midwest Food Bank says here at it's new location trucks have the capability of driving through the warehouse to pick up food.  Last year Midwest Food Bank gave away nearly one million cases of food. Officials say that number is expected to grow.

"We have 40 agencies that are currently on our waiting list hoping to get services from us.  We're not able to add them at this point cause we don't have the space and the ability to quickly load out their vehicles with food," said Midwest Food Bank Administrator Phil Hodel. 

Phil Hodel says with a larger warehouse they're hoping to accommodate social service agencies on their waiting list.  They move into their new home Monday

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