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When rain gets to be too much for farmers

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For the past several weeks -- we've been hit with plenty of rain.Heart of Illinois farmers say, there are pros and cons to all these spring showers.

"We were really needing a rain to begin with, but we didn't need this much rain,"said farmer, Gary Rosenbohm.

The rain over the past couple of weeks caught many farmers like Rosenbohm off guard,because it's almost time to plant corn. If the soil is too wet, farmers have to wait a little longer to start planting their crops. 

"If we get started planting and it rains a lot, sometimes it doesn't emerge very well. But what we don't want to happen, is to have cold weather cause the germination is not good on the seed,"said Rosenbohm.

The manager for the Peoria County Farm Bureau says, there are plenty of reasons why it's important to get that corn in now.

"We are using corn for so many things. Not only to feed people and putting grocery products in directly, but we also feed a lot of live stock-- cows, pigs, chickens, they all utilize a lot of corn and soybean,"said Patrick Kirchhofer.

Rosenbohm says, the rain has been a good thing because it keeps the grass growing for his cattle and also gives them water to drink.
"We really need the rain to keep the grass growing, and other wise we would have to supplement with extra hay or with corn. So, if it keeps the grass growing the rain is good for that," he said. 

In about a day or two, Rosenbohm says he hopes the soil will be dry enough to start his corn crop. 

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