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Peoria County Health Dept. reports, higher rates of sexually transmitted infections in low-income areas

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There are more people in the city's poorest zip codes are contracting sexually transmitted infections.

A 2015 Peoria County Health Department report says, people in the zip codes of 61603, 61604, and 61605 have the highest rates of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

The study says African Americans also have a significantly greater incidence of those STI's than their white counterparts

"We tend to date a lot within our race as people of color and we also tend to stay within our zip codes. So, if you have HIV or an STD introduced into your environment, or zip code for that matter, the changes are more likely that you will be exposed to a sexually transmitted infection," said Chris Wade of Central Illinois Friends.

Officials from the health department say they are trying new strategies, to educate people about the  health issues in Central Illinois. 

"The productive health group is trying to make sure that the message is effective and available to people where they are. So, they are looking for new ways to get the message out there and to be  effective with that," said infectious disease director, Jean Bellisario.

The report goes on to say,rates between 15 to 24-year-olds for sexually transmitted diseases, continue to be the highest of any group.

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