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Schools talk safety after San Bernardino shooting

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County schools re-evaluate their plans after every major incident. County schools re-evaluate their plans after every major incident.

What would you do if there was a shooting at your kids school? 

Monday's attack in San Bernardino, California left two dead, including one student - but the tragedy does have a positive, forcing conversation for better preparedness.

"With every situation that emerges across the United States, it forces all of our county schools to re-evaluate their plan," said George McKenna, Assistant Regional Superintendent for Peoria County.

McKenna mentioned the lengths that Peoria County schools are going to, including background checks, drills and even the designs of the schools themselves help to prevent a shooter situation. 

Bradley University has more open space to deal with, and taking a more high-tech solution with emergency call boxes and their Fore-Warn Emergency Alert System. 

"All of those would work together and let people know what's going on, and will continually re-assess and re-communicate through those channels," said Bradley University Spokesperson Renee Charles.

Realistically, a shooting could happen anywhere, which is why Peoria police say it's important to keep three things in mind: Run, Hide, Fight.

Get away as quickly and safely as possible. Hiding should be done quickly in an out-of-the-way location, and make sure to mute your cell phones. 

As far as fighting goes: "If you are faced with the fight of your life, so to speak, do it," said Officer Amy Dotson. "It's the fight for you life."

Officer Dotson with Peoria City Police says the best preparation is being vigilant, and talking with your family.

"As a parent, do I want to think about it happening? No way. I want my school-age children to be trained on what to do? Absolutely."

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