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Activists rally for immigrant rights at Gateway Building

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Immigration rallies like the one held in front of the Peoria Federal Courthouse in January are likely to continue for now. 

Some participants from the rally met again Sunday evening at the Gateway building in Peoria to talk about strategy to protect their rights.

"Some more tools about things they can do to help different communities that might be feeling targeted or vulnerable right now and also just personal information and there's been a lot of fear mongering," said community activist Rebecca Taylor.

Muslim American Serene Musaitif was among the 10 speakers addressing the crowd.

"One thing we need to practice is respect other people's differences and being able to co-exist with one another," said Musaitif

A judge has struck down President Trump's travel bans.  But many Muslims and other immigrants say they still feel threatened by deportation rules and stereotyping of their culture on social media.

Some American immigrants attending the meeting say now is the time for concrete action.

“We'd like to see welcoming communities, we're pushing for that in Bloomington, what it would do basically is not allow local police to ask people who they pull over what their immigration status is," said Sonny Garcia of the Twin Cities-based Illinois People’s Action.

Garcia says if they're successful at getting local welcoming communities ordinances passed, he would also like to see it at the county and state levels too.

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