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Seminar held next month to help protect small businesses from hackers

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To protect small businesses and customers, the Illinois small Business Development Center at Bradley University is hosting seven cyber security seminars and two webinars, starting next month. 

It is designed to educate businesses about the dangers.

"A lot of them are after bank account information, to get money. And there are some, more sophisticated ones, that might be after intellectual property. something that might help a competitor and their business,"said owner of Facet,Brian Ford.

One local attorney says, some of the biggest risks involve former employees exposed to confidential information. And small businesses owners might not realize they have a legal obligation to protect their company. 
"In the event of a breach to take certain actions to inform individuals who are affected, the minimum default is that employers and businesses are expected to spend at least $250,000, or up to that to notify individuals who have been impacted by a breach,"said Attorney Joshua Herman.

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 60 percent of cyber attacks target small to medium sized businesses. But there's some ways business owners can prevent hackers from getting valuable information from their company. 

"One of the things that we always recommend is first that have something written down such as an employee handbook, so that they know what their risks and liabilities are from an employee standpoint," said James Foley of Illinois Small Business Development Center. 

Officials say, smaller targets are often especially vulnerable because they don't have all the resources to fight hackers.

Small business owners can register for the seminar here

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