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Peoria Public Schools proposing new start and dismissal times

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Tonight's school board meeting generated heated responses from the public tonight.

Parents were vocal in expressing concern over potential changes to start and dismissal times for students. 

The board had proposed starting classes later in the day. 

Board members claim the move would take 26 buses off the road. Saving the district 40 thousand per dollars per bus. Totaling one million dollars.  

Some members suggested making cuts to the education fund instead of transportation, because of the major concerns they've received from parents. 

"You have to think about them baby is crossing Sheridan by himself without his sister going to get him. That's going to be on my brain the whole time I'm at work," says Cherylon Hester, a concerned parent. 

"That's going to save over a million dollars. I do understand and respect that but i just feel like maybe that's a big cost for a lot of families. you have after care and before care for those parents that have to work. That's more cost for us and obviously less for the district," says Emily Huff, a concerned parent.

No final decisions were made tonight.. Board members say they are still discussing options. 

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