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Peoria Mazda Owner reignites shop local campaign

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Uncertainity about Peoria's economic future has been a talking point in recent weeks. 

So when a local car dealer grew his business by hiring only local contractors, he realized he might be on to something. 

This idea isn't exactly a new concept, but it is one getting fresh attention these days.

It all started with a Facebook post.

"I'm betting on Peoria," said Mazda owner Jim Scherer.

An expression of pride for his City.

A Peoria resident his whole life, Jim Scherer, posted a status about his love for his town and ended it with a pledge to only shop local.

Shop small and shop local aren't new terms to Peoria.

The City's Chamber of Commerce has been pushing this theme in recent years.

But with another owner joining the team, it's a public show of support for the small business community, especially in light of recent news about Cat.

"Instead of our hands out waiting to see what Caterpillar can do for us, let's start realizing we are business owners too. Super, super, super small relative to Caterpillar but let's join together and start attracting bigger and better business," said Scherer.

The post has been "liked" over 800 times and has been shared more than a hundred. 

And those who have commented share his commitment to the city.      

Those at Peoria Plaza Tire said connection is the reason people come through their door.

"We know our customers name. If you come in here we are going to call you by name. You see us behind the counter. We've all been here 5,6,7,8 plus years," said Austin Williams with Plaza Tire. 

Austin said it's that kind of personal touch that leads him back to his favorite local shops. 

Building on that pride... and a pledge.

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