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Super Bowl Sunday celebrations

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Super Bowl Sunday, one of the most talked about days of the year. 

Millions of people tune in to watch and here in central Illinois locals were out and about celebrating today. 

It was an atmosphere filled with clapping, yelling, happy tears and endless food and drinks. 

Hundreds showed up to the Bullpen in Peoria to take part in Super Bowl fifty-one action. 

"Super Bowl is always one of our more key nights that we focus on as far as having a spike in sales. As far as February being a short month it really helps us push our numbers up," says Brian Winkler at Bullpen.

Over 300 people showed up. Not only are there Patriots and Falcons fans out but Bears, Packers and many more came out to enjoy the Super Bowl atmosphere. 

Rick Spence from Peoria says here's out supporting all the Falcons fans as a die hard Bears fan. 

"It's American tradition all the parties going on at houses and here tonight," says, Ray Loy.

There were loyal fans sitting on every bar stool keeping their hopes alive. 

"He's the best quarter back ever. Everyone believes that too, unless you're not a Patriots fan," says, Jack Revallo.

Illinois state police remind everyone to stay safe.

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