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Proposed hog farm in Fulton County causing an uproar

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A meeting tonight invited select members of Fulton County to discuss a proposed hog farm in Lewistown.

It's a project that's already met resistance, when we showed up we were asked to leave. 

A concerned resident who received one of those letters shared a copy with us. In it the Fulton County Farm Bureau invited members to offer input at a meeting tonight. Although the board of directors asked us to leave and refused to comment, we are hearing from those who are opposed to what they describe as a mega-hog farm. 

Karen Hudson is a local advocate for small farms who's been on the front lines of fighting large hog farms before.

The member of the Illinois citizens for clean air and water is now offering her support to those in Fulton County.

She says they've told her the farm bureau isn't listening to their concerns.

"They're supposed to be supporting the life, the quality of life in rural communities and family farmers of all kinds. They're forgetting about the family farmer that want to be a independent producers because most of them are being run out of the business by large integrators," says, Karen Hudson. 

Matthew Howe, a former member of the Fulton County Farm Bureau Board of Directors resigned because of this conflict. 

He lives less than a mile from the potential site, in his resignation letter he says: 

"I simply cannot continue to offer my time and resources to an organization which supports the installation of these CAFO's without regard to the effect on residences and family farms to which so many people have devoted their time and constant attention, some for generations." 

Another neighbor said they were invited to the private meeting hosted by the bureau. 

They decided to not go, along with many others, because they felt the Bureau would not take their concerns seriously. 

They tell us they believe the Bureau is putting big corporations above local family farmers. 

If approved, it would be off Otto Road in Lewistown, but again it's not a done deal yet. 

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