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Close call on IL 6 a good reminder of "Scott's Law"

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

A state trooper is safe after a close call that has authorities reminding the public of an important state law.

At around 8:30 Tuesday morning a trooper was stopped on the northbound shoulder of Illinois Route 6 near Allen Road helping change a tire when his squad car was sideswiped.

The trooper had the car's emergency lights on, and had angled the squad car behind the disabled vehicle.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, though both cars received extensive damage.

The driver was ticketed for failure to reduce speed.

State troopers are now reminding everyone of Scott's Law.

"It's often referred to as the 'move over' law," said State Trooper Ross Green.

"This law requires all motorists to move into into the left lane. If traffic is so heavy that you absolutely can't move over into that adjacent lane, it is the duty of the driver to reduce speed and pass by with due caution," said Trooper Green.

Scott's Law was enacted in memory of Lieutenant Scott Gillen of the Chicago Fire Department.

He was struck and killed in 2000.


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