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Marquette Heights Police issue a apology

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The Marquette Heights Police Department made a public apology on Facebook for, what some consider to be, offensive photos.

Roy Wraps owns Central Image Wraps in Bloomington. After doing decal work on a Marquette Heights cop car Wraps photoshopped a picture of Hillary Clinton in the back seat of the police car, giving the impression she's been arrested. 

Wraps then sent the altered photo to the police station as a joke. The police chief thought it was funny, at first. 

"We're going to make this political statement but it was just done out of fun and then it got blown out of proportion. Now us as the city are doing damage control cause it wasn't us," says, Chief Bradd Elliott of Marquette Police. 

We reached out to Roy Wraps, but he declined to talk. He told us the photo was satire and there was nothing more to it. 

Community members have not contacted the police station but have expressed their anger through Facebook comments. 

"Specifically I wouldn't go after him for that. Anybody could do it, like I said they could come in our parking lot or pull up to an officer at a stop sign, snap a picture of him and photoshop what they want there. So for that no, we would do business with him again," says, Chief Elliott. 

Chief Elliot says they turned this positive. They're allowing local families to come take pictures with a car with the Grinch decal on it, if they bring in canned goods for the local shelters. 

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