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Peoria police search for suspects in weekend homicides

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PEORIA,IL--Crime historically drops quite a bit during the winter.  But that's not always the case. Two people were killed in Peoria over the weekend.

This makeshift memorial in a lot on Grinnell is a reminder of how cold the streets can be.  Relatives and friends of 22-year-old Edward Moore placed candles here, the last location Moore was seen alive.  The spot is located near Harrison Homes, just across the street from the Harrison Learning Center.  Authories say a gunman shot him just before three o'clock Sunday morning.  According to the Peoria County Coroner Moore died before noon at O-S-F St. Francis Medical Center. 

Early Saturday morning police say a gunman shot three people here in the 1900 block of North Indiana.   Eighteen year-old Deven Lee, one of the victims, died the next day on Sunday afternoon.  Police don't believe the injuries to the other victims were life threatening. 

There is no word on a motive in either shootings and police have not arrested any suspects. They say it's also unclear if the shootings are related.   
There will be two separate stand downs this week organized by the Peoria Community Against Violence. One Tuesday and one Wednesday.   They're a call to the community to help stop the violence that has claimed two more lives.

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