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Give back this holiday season while relaxing

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Throughout the holiday season the Fuller Center is wrapping gifts for a cause.

Shoppers bring in their gifts, and volunteers wrap it for a donation.

The money goes directly towards home repairs for vets in the Tri county area.

"We're an all volunteer organization, we do not accept government money. That's why projects like this is important to us because this is where we raise our funds," says, Debbie Gaught, Co-Founder.

All vets need to do is contact the Fuller Center and they will get someone to their home to see what they can fix for them.

Shoppers have been coming in and out to get their holiday gifts wrapped. One shopper and vet in particular has very close ties to the service.

Donna Starr, a vet had recently lost her husband four months ago. She says, this service has helped her financially.

"I'm so grateful to them for taking care of us, especially with having someone pass away and not having to worry about a four hundred dollar bill," says, Donna Starr, a vet.

You can get your holiday gifts wrapped and help local veterans at the shoppes at grand prairie next to the Santa workshop up till Christmas Eve.

"I know he's looking down and saying support them, support them. You've got to, they've been good to us," says, Donna Starr 

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