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Charity Schultz

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Charity Schultz rejoined the HOI staff in September of 2016. After a brief hiatus from the advertising sales world, she is happy to be part of the HOI team.

Charity started her career in advertising in the Peoria market in the late 90’s working for one of the radio groups in town. She worked there for a few years and headed to the Quad Cities to try her hand at television. She spent a few years there, but found herself back in Peoria at the same radio group. Charity spent several years at the group, through many changes and was not only and account manager, but a local sales manager as well.

With the birth of her son, Charity spent some time working part-time in newspaper sale sin Galesburg…she then decided to return back to the radio station when she was ready to go back to work full-time.

After a few more years in radio, she joined the HOI team in January of 2012 and spent a few years as part of the HOI and CW team.

Charity wanted to try her hand at something else besides broadcast, so she went to work with Adams Outdoor. As fate would have it, one of her clients really like her knowledge and skills and she joined the Bix Basement team as their Marketing Manager. Charity gained so much insight into her client’s world being on the other side of the desk, making the all-important marketing decisions.

But once a sales person, always a sales person. She found her way back to the HOI and CW team here in Peoria and Bloomington.

Charity grew up in a small rural community north of Galesburg, Il. She attended Carl Sandburg College and Monmouth College.

Charity has a passion to help her clients grow their business. She loves to learn about what makes businesses go and create working relationships with her clients.

She is an avid news junkie, loves to clean, read, shop and spend time with her adorable son, Connor.

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