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Woodruff Career & Technical

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PEORIA,IL--After budget cuts closed its alternative school,its now all about cuts, and blowouts -- at the Woodruff Career and Technical Center in Peoria.  The school is putting some students on on a new path.
In recent years Woodruff Career and Technical Center added a culinary arts program, and barber school as part of the cosmetology team. This fall the district dropped the alternative school program due to budget constraints.   But one teacher says that's not cutting the hopes and dreams for students.
"These students who are not going to college they can use this as an opportunity to start their own career, start their own barbershop," said Instructor Shon Allen.

After some of the students graduate from high school and get their licenses they'll be using their skills to help pay for their college education. Terance Ware is headed to Lincoln University to study communications. 

"On campus I'll be giving everybody haircuts and stuff cause a lot of college kids need hair cuts, so I'll be a major key there," Ware said. 
Senior Cosmetology student Kelsi Johnson says she will have  dual careers. 

"I'm planning on working in a salon for a lot of the time that I'm in college and probably doing it off to the side, but I'm hoping to do sign language," Johnson said. 

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