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Buddy Check 25: Making healthcare accessible to everyone

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PONTIAC, Ill. -- A new initiative known as 'Women Empowered Livingston County' aims to make healthcare more accessible to women in and around Pontiac.

Volunteers, like Lisa Martin and two-time breast cancer survivor Joanne Mullen, are kicking off the endeavor by helping fund the renovation of the Mammography and Diagnostic Suite at OSF Saint James Medical Center.

"If you can feel like your environment is supportive and private and personal, that is very helpful," said Mullen.

"We are mothers, we are daughters, and we have sisters and aunts," said Martin.

"I don't think this issue of women's health, and specifically breast health... no one exempt from that."

The group, also known as 'We Live,' is helping to furnish the Women's Diagnostic Suite with a fundraising goal of 24,000 dollars.

Construction should be complete by the end of the year and available to patients by Spring.
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