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One Class at a Time: Cuba Middle School

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CUBA, Ill. -- Teachers say there are times students can get distracted and getting them back on the learning track requires the right tools.

This week's One Class at a Time winner has provided a special space for students to re-focus their energy.

Cuba Middle School teacher Kelly Albin has created a sensory room where some of her students can go if they get distracted from learning.

"I'm back teaching special ed,” said Albin. “I've been in general ed for 13 years now, and I noticed that I had some students who would really benefit from some items, supplies, or tools to help them be more successful in the classroom."

Some of those tools are exercise equipment, including a wiggle ball, trampoline, and exercise bike.

Albin needs to buy more equipment, but doesn't have enough funding.

Now she is getting some help.

"We're looking for sensory items—we’re looking for some large motor works, so if we have the ‘wigglies,’ and students are having a hard time in the classroom we can get away for a while, go do some heavy work, and get back to the classroom so we can focus,” said Albin.

Some of her students say Albin is a great teacher.

"She helps us with a lot of things and she's really explanatory,” said eighth grader Madison Clark. “She's really funny too."

"She’ll do all kinds of activities,” said Devin Baughman, another eighth grader, “she does math games."

Albin says the money will go a long way in helping buy more equipment.

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