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You Gotta Eat- Pegi's Place

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MORTON, Ill. -- Most towns have that one little diner that always feels like home.

Open for nearly 30 years now, this restaurant has changed names and changed owners. But the small-town atmosphere that make's Pegi's Place a local favorite has never wavered.

Making the transition from restaurant manager to owner was not too tough for Pegi Pierson.

She has been donning her apron at the Morton diner for nearly three decades, and knows her customers - and their orders - by heart.

She started as a cook when it was still known as "Judy's Restaurant."

Through it all, she says there is one thing that keeps her regulars coming back.

"The food!" says Pierson.

They do serve lunch, but they are mostly known for their breakfast menu.

Their biscuits and gravy are a big hit. The gravy is made from scratch every morning, and the pancakes are huge. Literally. They make them big enough to cover a whole plate.

Despite their generous portion sizes, your bill won't break the bank.

My total before tip was just over eight dollars.

Pegi's Place is located at 701 West Jackson Street in Morton.

It is open every day from 6:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
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