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World Affairs Council Gives Money to St. Jude

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The coffers of Saint Jude are a little richer thanks to the Peoria Area World Affairs Council (PAWAC).

The Council President announced that the recent 'Celebrate Lebanon' event in November raised $50,000 for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

The event in November was co-sponsored by St. Sharbel Parish, the ITOO Society, and the World affairs Council.

Organizers say the fact that St. Jude was founded by the late Danny Thomas and former Mayor Jim Maloof made the donation an easy decision.

"We wanted to celebrate the success of the Americans of Lebanese decent here in Central Illinois," said Rich McBride, of P.A.W.A.C. "There is no better way to do that than to emphasize this connection with St. Jude."

"Every check of this nature gives the child a blood donation, an MRI, things like that," said Rich Unes, Vice President of St. Jude Board.

Organizers say in the late 1950's, entertainer Danny Thomas approached the ITOO Society for help in raising money to establish St. Jude.

Since that time, the ITOO Society and the local Lebanese American community have been faithful contributors to St. Jude.

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