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Itoo Society Celebrates New Bishop

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The Itoo society of Peoria celebrated one of their own being elevated to Bishop this afternoon.

Hanna Alwan now works for the Patriarch of the Maronite (MARE-uh-night) sect of the Catholic Church. Both were in attendance at the luncheon in the Bishop's honor this afternoon.

Hundreds of families in Peoria's Lebanese community turned out for the celebration.

The Itoo society's manager says that the bishop's new position is one of global responsibility in the Maronite church.

"The Bishop is the auxiliary bishop, he's going to be handling all of the law, the canon law of the Maronite rite under the patriarch, the Maronite patriarch, worldwide," said Semann Trad, manager of the Itoo Society.

The Patriarch of the Maronite sect is its worldwide leader, answering only to the pope.
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