25 Women in Leadership: Kim LeHew

25 Women in Leadership: Kim LeHew

My name is Kim LeHew. I have been with Cullinan Properties for 21 years. The fun stuff about working with people in commercial real estate is you're helping them build things that community is really going to enjoy being apart of.

My journey with Komen, it actually goes back a lot of years. My mom was a breast cancer survivor so as a family we’ve always done the Race for the Cure.

In March of 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself, and I was honored to be ask to be the chairman of the 2017 Race for the Cure.

Maybe having breast cancer has been kind of a blessing. It made me really appreciate life, and being able to be positive and a great influence. Just stay positive and try to find the best in each situation. Don’t let time pass you by. You need to step in front of it and really enjoy life to its fullest.

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