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You Gotta Eat: Babe's

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HAVANA, Ill. -- Burgers too big to finish and wings covered in 12 delicious sauces.

I was encouraged to visit Babe's in Havana on the recommendation of several e-mails from viewers. Turns out one of the restaurant's biggest fans is Havana's mayor.

"The city of Havana, the employees and the staff like to come here for lunch. At least once a week we're here, sometimes more," said Brenda Stadsholt.

Babe's is best known around here for its burgers, wings and tenderloins. The owners are Kelly and Todd Schaeffer. But who in the heck is Babe?

"People would come in and they would ask where is Babe or who is Babe?," said Kelly Schaeffer. "For me, it was always Todd's mother Karen."

That's Karen Schaeffer. She opened Babe's back in 1997 and it's still thriving.

In fact, waitress Hanna Huber's father eats there so much he has a burger named after him. It's called "The Dave".

For $9.95 it's a hearty 1/3-pounder, topped with provolone and cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions, pineapple, tomato and a fried egg. It was breakfast, lunch and dinner on a bun.

I also sampled the wings and they were thick and juicy. By the way, all twelve of the wing sauces are made from Babe's original recipes.

With a soft drink my bill was $23 before tip.

Babe's is located at 118 North Plum and opens every day at 11 a.m. I promise you won't leave hungry.
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