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You Gotta Eat: Maquet's Rail House

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PEKIN, Ill. -- Maquet's Rail House on Court Street in Pekin recently celebrated its first anniversary.

The name Rail House was a no-brainer because of the restaurant's location.

"There are some railroad tracks right down here along the side and the train goes by three or four times a day and its loud," said Dustin Maquet. "When we were in here in the evenings building the place out the horns would go off."

A year later, Maquet can toot his own horn. The Rail House has quickly grown into a popular Pekin dining spot.

"It's nice to see somebody open a business, bring back a building in our downtown area and be successful with it," said Shannon Sandoval. "The food is great. You always see somebody you know. It's just one of those hometown places."

They serve more than a hundred craft beers here and a mean tenderloin, but it's the burgers that have really gotten people's attention.

There's a Bourbon Burger and something called the Juicy Lucy. You can even build your own burger.

But I went with the restaurant's signature Rail House Burger. It's a half-pound of juicy beef, topped with bacon, pepper jack cheese, barbecue sauce and haystack onion rings.

I don't know if it's the best burger I've ever had, but I don't think I've had better.

And for an appetizer I ordered a basket of fried mushrooms. With a soft drink my bill was just over $17 before tip.

Maquet's Rail House is located at 221 Court St. and opens every day at 11 a.m. They get their meat locally from Beechams Market in Tremont.

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