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You Gotta Eat: Tracy's Supper Club

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NORRIS, Ill. -- Tracy's Supper Club in Norris has been open since May of 2014.

The locals here remember it as the old Viano's Tap, which dates back to the late 1930s, and was a gathering place after work knocked off at the coal mine.

All of the coal miners used to come in, it was known for that.

"We left everything original that we could," said owner Tracy Modglin. "We left all of the buzzers from when they were playing their poker games in the back. When the cops would come in they ring their buzzers to let them know that the cops were coming in."

They don't play poker here anymore but the original bar is still here. And Tracy's preserved even more of the restaurant's history by collecting and displaying old photos taken here.

But the real hook is the food and the friendly atmosphere. The burgers and tenderloins are big favorites at lunch time.

The signature item on the dinner menu is Tracy's World's Greatest Fried Chicken.

On Wednesday nights she has an all-you-can eat special. I decided to try it and it was as good as advertised. It comes with two sides -- I had cole slaw and some delicious sweet potato fries.

I topped it off with dessert -- a generous slice of Mississippi Mud Pie, prepared in an Oreo cookie crust, and topped with whipped cream, almonds and chocolate syrup.

My bill before tip was just over $16.

Tracy's Supper Club is located at 130 South Main Street in Norris just down the corner from Division Street.

They open at 10 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday and at 11 a.m. on Sunday. And everything is homemade.
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