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You Gotta Eat: Baby Bull's Family Restaurant

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PONTIAC, Ill. -- Baby Bull's Family Restaurant is one of Pontiac's most popular places to eat.

How else can you explain the crowds here after 33 years in business? Owner Jimmy Lepsos says his formula for success is a simple one.

“It takes a lot of hard work and you've got to be here,” said Lepsos. “You've got to listen to your customers and pay attention to your customers.”

But 50 years ago, as a teenager in Greece, Jimmy was listening to his father, who wanted his son to become a doctor and him an ultimatum.

“My father said you either go to college or go to the United State and wash dishes. So here I am," he said. "I took the dishes, the best move I ever made.”

His customers won't argue with that.

Baby Bull's serves over 200,000 of them each year. A large menu that includes everything from breakfast to steaks makes for some tough decisions.

And everything here is homemade, including the bread, baked fresh daily.

I went with one of the house favorites, a Monterey Jack spinach and bacon omelette.

It's loaded with cheese, spinach and bacon and served with hash browns or fries and your choice of toast. The portion was big and it was absolutely delicious. I topped it off with a slice of coconut cream pie for dessert.

With a raspberry iced tea, my bill was $14.45 before tip.

Baby Bull's is right on Rt. 116 in Pontiac and opens every day at 5:30 a.m. Bring your whole family, I know you'll like it.
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