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You Gotta Eat - Didley's Place

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METAMORA, Ill. -- Just off Route 89 in Metamora is a modest little diner known as Didley's Place.

A long time ago it used to be an old car hop style drive in. Then a 50's diner. But now its a family restaurant that's earned a reputation for home cooked meals.

"We're Metamora's best kept secret," said Charlene Smith, the restaurant's owner. "We're out in the middle of nowhere. A lot of people don't even know we're here. We feature as much fresh food as we can find and most our food is homemade."

Including their sausage, which they season and grind themselves. It's a big seller for breakfast.

"We have a special sesoning that we use. Its know as Metamora seasoning," said Smith. "And we grind our own sausage and mix it ourselves."

The tenderloin here is also very popular. One customer told me its the best he's had.

There are separate menu's for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I visited Didley's for lunch, and in spite of the tempting burgers being enjoyed at the next table, I settled on the Flounder Sandwich for $8.99.

It was two generous flounder fillets, golden fried, on toasted rye bread. With some tarter sauce and tomatoes it was delicious. And it was so big I had enough to take some home.

For my side I had a hearty order of mac 'n cheese.

I topped off my lunch with one of my favorites, a slice of coconut cream pie.

With a soft drink my bill was just over $14 before tip.

Didley's Place is located at 920 North Niles in Metamora. Its tucked a bit off the roadway so look for the sign. They're open 7 days a week.

The food there is good. Even the kids like it. And its very affordable.
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