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Farmington High School Teacher One Class Winner

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FARMINGTON,IL-- Some high school students with an eye on the communications industry are getting a jump start in their classrooms. This week's One Class At A Time Winner is using technology to help students create a digital newspaper.

Farmington High School teacher Jeff Otto wears many a physical ed teacher and graphic arts instructor. Otto is using his graphic arts background to help students launch an electronic newspaper for the community.
"I think the kids are starting to understand a little bit how much of a process it is to actually get something published and how important it is to make sure you dot your Is and cross your Ts," he said.

Farmington High School Senior Tommy Cook is the editor for the digital newspaper.

"It's good work for like follow through and making sure that everything is correct. But it also allows for peer editing as well. It allows kids to branch out, I guess from what they would normally do," Cook said.

A co-worker Ryan Lambert nominate Otto for the grant.

"We're really starting to make it grow, which is why his nomination is important. It's something he took off with and it's great for the school," he said.

If you'd like to nominate a deserving teacher for our one thousand dollar one class at a time grant -- just head to and click on features. Please be specific about how that grant money would be used.


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