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You Gotta Eat - The Harvest Cafe

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DELAVAN,Ill. -- The Harvest Cafe in Delavan partners with more than a dozen Illinois farms for a menu of fresh, home grown food.

Owner Libby Mathers jumped on the farm-to-table bandwagon before it became a fad.

"We made it popular six years ago," said Kevin Myszkowski, manager of The Harvest Cafe. "Not only that but she put it in a small town in Delavan, Illinois, where we're surrounded by local farms north, south east and west of us."

One of those farms delivered fresh pork chops that same day. They were prepared and served hours later.

"We know exactly where that farm is, we know the farmers and if we've visited the farm we may have even seen that hog. You can't get quality like that from a distributor," Myszkowski said.

The menu at The Harvest Cafe changes monthly.

One of the restaurant's signature items is its fried chicken. I was there on a Wednesday when they serve a fried chicken special. A bargain for 9 bucks, the chicken was thick and juicy with a crispy crust. By the way, the chicken was raised at Meadow Haven Farms in Sheffield, Illinois. That's in Bureau County.

The menu lists all the farms the restaurant buys from. My meal came with mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots drizzled with honey and a delicious kale salad that included hominy, bacon, bread crumbs and goat cheese.

They also bake their own bread.

For dessert I went with a house favorite, chocolate cake on a bed of caramel with a scoop of caramel cashew ice cream. A real treat.

With a soft drink my bill was just over $19 before tip.

The Harvest Cafe is located at 317 Locust Street and is open Wednesday and Thursday for dinner, Friday for lunch and dinner, Saturday for breakfast through dinner and Sunday for breakfast and lunch.

This is a real small town gem and the food is fantastic.
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