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Tremont High School Ag teacher One Class grant winner

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TREMONT,IL--Classes are about to wrap up soon for many school districts. But for some students their school work will continue into the summer. This week's One Class At A Time Winner has a project that will allow students to develop and cultivate a green thumb.

Tremont High School agriculture students are learning how baby chickens develop inside eggs. This summer they will be preparing for a greenhouse project that will be coming to their school.

"We're gonna have like people who want to go out there and garden and stuff doing that for our ag class," said Tremont High School Freshman Jacob Burge.

"Morton High School has no longer been using their greenhouse for the last few years and so they said they were willing to sell it. So we were able to put a bid in and purchase the greenhouse at a very reasonable cost," said Tremont High School Ag Teacher Angie Schoenbein.

Schoenbein says the project will cost about $40,000 dollars. So far they've raised over $30,000. Now she's getting some help with the greenhouse. HOI 19 News and CEFCU have chosen her for a kids count one thousand dollar grant.

Schoenbein and her ag students will use the summer months to work on the greenhouse project. They say every bit of money helps.

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