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Dunlap school, One Class At A Time Winner

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DUNLAP,IL--For some teachers keeping young students engaged for long periods of time can be a challenge. This week's One Class At A Time Winner found a tool she says boost kids attention and achievement.

Standard classroom chairs are not the norm inside teacher Stephanie Dean's classroom at Wilder Waite Grade School in Dunlap.

"We wanted to just branch out and find different ways that we could put movement into the classroom. We've taken out probably 10 or 12 desks already, brought in some standing desks," Dean said.

Sitting is welcome but students are learning in a variety of positions using yoga balls, wobble stools and rocking chairs.

"She kind of recognized that most of the day kids were just sitting all day long, at this age they start to get skirmy and move around, so her first grad team started looking at alternative seating," said Wilder Waite Teacher Sarah Urbanc.

Dean wants to buy more of the moving chairs. Now she's getting some help. She is HOI 19 News and CEFCU's One Class At A Time Winner.

"We're just very excited to open up the doors and find other ways we can bring movement in here," she said.

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