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You Gotta Eat - HyVee Market Grille

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PEORIA, Ill. -- There's an old saying, never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. You don't have to.

The HyVee Market Grille on Sheridan Road in Peoria has been open for a year. And its surprisingly good.

"You can come in and have yourself a bite. You can still get all the groceries you need but you don't do all that power-buying that you normally do when you're starving on top of it," said Richard Allen, the restaurant's general manager.

They serve just about everything - from half-pound, loaded up burgers to steak and chops, pizza, even sushi and buffalo chicken.

And for the sports nuts they've got big screens for the big games.

"Right now we're showing all of the basketball games for March Madness," Allen said. "We're showing those (games) every night with some great happy hour specials."

One of the best values is the lunch menu. The prices are extremely reasonable.

I chose the healthy route and ordered a delicious Asian chicken salad for 7 dollars. The sesame ginger dressing gives it a tasty kick.

The soup of the day ($3) was goulash with a generous helping of ground beef, noodles, tomatoes, green pepper and onions.

I topped it off with one of their signature desserts, an orange chocolate brownie with vanilla bean ice cream ($5). It was fantastic. Although I realize it defeated the purpose of the low-cal entrée I enjoyed.

With a soft drink, my bill before tip was just over 18 dollars.

HyVee Market Grille opens every day at 6 am and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I visited the one on Sheridan Road but you can find them at other HyVee stores too.

Its a nice, family style restaurant with good food and a friendly staff.
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