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You Gotta Eat - Mika's Bistro

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EUREKA, Ill. -- Mika's Bistro at 112 South Main Street in Eureka has been under new management since late last summer.

They've always been known for their coffee. Now there's more.

"We've decided to take it one step further and offer Mika's Market Cooler. The menu changes monthly," said Ruth Moser, the manager at Mika's. " We want to make sure we offer a lot of vegetarian options, a lot of fresh options."

That includes their desserts. Moser is an accomplished pastry chef whose creations are part of the attraction.

Another is the homey atmosphere. Every week a group of local women gather for lunch and do their knitting.

"They come in here every Wednesday morning like clockwork," Moser said. "We also have a book club that meets most every Saturday. We have another group of women who meet here after they work out in the morning."

And you can usually find students from nearby Eureka College there studying or blowing off steam.

Its not just the coffee that 's crafted. They bake their own variety of breads too. And just about everything is homemade.

On Ruth's recommendation I ordered something on the menu called the "Pick 2" - that's a half-sandwich and soup.

The sandwich was a delicious apricot chicken salad on walnut wheat bread. The soup was a rich split pea and ham.

I also had one of their signature smoothies - the strawberry banana burst. And for dessert I topped it off with an apple bavarian tart. It was a real treat.

My bill before tip was just over 16 dollars.

Mika's is open Monday through Saturday starting at 7 am.
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