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You Gotta Eat: Iron Spike Brewing Company

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GALESBURG, Ill. -- Iron Spike Brewing Company in downtown Galesburg isn't your typical restaurant.

First, it’s housed in one of the city's historic landmarks, the old Central Fire Station. The pole the firemen used to slide down is still there right by the bar.

“There was a six-story tower on the front of this building where the firemen actually sat at their post and watched for fires,” said owner Ryan Cardwell, who is also the restaurant's executive chef. “There were horse drawn wagons at the time.”

There's also a brewery that's visible from almost any table. Iron Spike brews its own line of craft beers -- a popular draw.

The Iron Spike name is a nod to Galesburg's history as a railroad town. You'll find reminders of that all around the restaurant.

“Customers bring me spikes. They bring me antique spikes, spikes they found on the railroad, a bucket they bought on Scenic Drive,” said Cardwell.

But the food is what tops off the Iron Spike experience. There's a full dinner menu after 5 p.m.

I stopped by for lunch and ordered one of their locally famous burgers, the Bacon BBQ Burger for $11. It had sautéed onions and cheddar cheese and was juicy and delicious. Mine came with a generous portion of hand-cut fries.

I also enjoyed one of the craft beers -- a light beer called the Konductor. For dessert I had a slice of Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, a real chocolate lover's treat.

My bill before tip was just over $22.

Iron Spike Brewing Company is located at 150 East Simmons Street in Galesburg and opens every day at 11 a.m.

It's a fun place and the food is fantastic.
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