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YOU GOTTA EAT: Leaves and Beans Roasting Company

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PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill. -- If you're looking for a quick bite and a great cup of joe, there's a spot in Peoria Heights that's right up your alley.

Leaves and Beans Roasting Company will make you feel so at home, you might want to head straight to the couch to curl up, which is exactly what Owner James Cross wants.

"Since the first day I walked in here, I wanted to take my shoes off at the front door. You get that homey feel and its nice," said James Cross.

James started out here as a roaster, but fell in love and purchased the place for himself in 2008, and its been a packed house ever since.

The reason?

It's the perfect combinations of food, coffee, and relaxation.

"I love it! Its relaxing and it's quaint," said first timer Cathy Schultz.

Leaves and Beans has over 20 different raw coffee beans that are roasted and ground here in the shop, and served all sorts of ways.

Anchor Caitlin Knute came along for the ride and ordered a French Toast Latte.

It smelled amazing and she said it was the perfect balance if rich coffee with a hint of flavor.

But if you aren't coffee lover, don't worry they also have a wide selection of teas and smoothies.

"We have 40 loose leaf teas for sale downstairs for you to brew at home, but also we have them in our cafe ready to go. So if you walk in and you don't want just a green tea but maybe a green dragon well or a matcha green tea, we have them right away," said Cross.

I tried the Berry Blast iced tea.

The leaves were fresh, and steeped for 5 minutes before being chilled over ice.

It was very refreshing.

All of their food in the cafe is made with fresh ingredients.

In fact, they only buy supplies for two to three days at a time to guarantee their freshness.

It's just one thing that keeps customers coming back again and again.

Meet Roberta Knoll who has been coming here regularly since it opened.

"I like most of it. Try the flying pig or the strawberry almond salad," said Knoll.

Caitlin listened to Roberta and ordered the seasonal strawberry almond salad with poppy seed dressing which she said was crisp, light, and refreshing.

I went for the Veggie and Cheese Panini.

Swiss cheese, cream cheese, avocados, red pepper, and cucumber all baked on Texas toast bread.

It was warm, and melted right in my mouth.

If you're just looking to grab a quick drink head on down the stairs and visit the basement coffee bar.

For two drinks, two meals, and even a to-go coffee for Anchor Tyler Lopez back at the station, the bill was just over $25.

Leaves and Bean Roasting Company is located at 4800 North Prospect Road in Peoria Heights.

It is open Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday's 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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