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You Gotta Eat - Italian Express

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CANTON, Ill. -- Italian Express is a Canton favorite owned by three sisters - Tammy, Tina and Tonya.

There's no sibling rivalry here. These women have been teaming up to serve good home cooked meals for over twenty years, ever since they convinced their parents to lend them the money to buy the place.

"We'll manage it. We won't let you down," Tammy Walters recalled telling her parents. "It won't go under, we promise. If anything happens we'll just do it ourselves."

Turns out their parents made a good investment. Walters and her sisters have turned Italian Express into one of Canton's busiest and most popular restaurants.

You can enjoy a spaghetti dinner or buy it by the gallon and bring it home. And their subs and homemade bread are to die for.

"Its homemade bread every day. You get up in the morning and you're baking your bread and starting your day," Tammy said.

Like the bread almost everything on the menu is homemade from their own recipe, right down to the sauces.

I'd heard the lasagna is especially good so I ordered the lasagna dinner for $9.29. It was big enough for two. The sauce was sweet, just the way I like it, and it was topped with thick melted cheese. A real appetite pleaser.

My meal came with a salad and two loaves of their delicious homemade bread, covered with garlic butter. Its not unusual for some people to buy extra bread and take it home.

With a soft drink my bill was $12.21 before tip.

Italian Express is located at 1112 East Chestnut Street in Canton and is open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm.

You won't leave hungry.
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