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One Class At A Time: Kellar Primary School

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PEORIA, Ill. -- Some teachers have earned titles from their students that extend far beyond that as an educator.

This weeks One Class At A Time Winner is so endearing to her students that they view her as their school mom.

Kellar teacher Kamey Ganchow teaches life skills to her special needs students.

Her classroom assistants say Ganchow not only buys supplies, but also makes sure her students personal needs are met.

"She does a lot for them. She's always helping them, she even talks to them when they're not at school. She's involved in their lives even though they're not here," said Kellar Teacher Assistant Danita Hill

"I was just having a conversation with Ms. Ganchow yesterday, I said do you ever go home and not go to Walmart?" said Teacher Assistant Ann Guadalajara.

That's where Ganchow can often be found buying her kids clothes, even shoes.

She says cooking and field trips are just some of the activities she does with the students.

"I take em from where ever they are to whatever progress we can make. But it's not just about academics in my room," Ganchow said.

Ganchow says finding enough money to help pay for life skills activities can be a challenge. Now she's getting some help from CEFCU and HOI news.

"The parents help me, I help the parents, it's a team effort," she said.

Ganchow says she'll use the money for books and cooking supplies for the class.

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