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You Gotta Eat- Pioneer Smokehouse & Saloon

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PEORIA, Ill. -- A brand new restaurant is proving to be a trailblazer- rescuing hundreds of workers from boring fast food lunches.

Up until recently, workers around Pioneer Parkway in Peoria didn't have much choice for a sit-down meal.

That changed September 1, when Pioneer Smokehouse and Saloon opened its doors.

"We've had a good response with our fellow businesses here on Pioneer Parkway, and lunches have been really busy," said General Manager Jeremy Brown.

25 News director extraordinaire Ross Somerville and I followed the trail and dug into some of their famous lunch specials.

"Our Hogzilla is one of our signature sandwiches," said Brown.

"It's pulled pork, there's bacon, it's quite the sandwich. It's definitely one of our most popular. "

I went with a fresh chicken salad.

It came complete all the fixins: tomato,a hard boiled egg, and out-of-this-world ranch dressing.

All in all, Pioneer Smoke house is a great alternative for anyone looking to forge a trail away from the ordinary.

Our total before tip came to $21.91.

The restaurant is located at 1112 West Pioneer Parkway in Peoria.
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