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25 News Anchor Garry Moore recalls meeting the late Fidel Castro

PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Peoria, Ill. -- People in Cuba are paying respects to Fidel Castro, lining up to pay tribute to the former president who died over the weekend.

25 News Anchor Garry Moore actually met Castro in 1999 while covering Gov. George Ryan's controversial trip to the communist country.

Here are some of Garry's memories of that visit:

"When Castro walked into the University of Havana it was, "Fidel, Fidel!' It was pandemonium. People loved him. So Fidel was very popular... is very popular in Cuba."

"One of the questions I got to ask Castro was whether or not he was concerned that a trip like the Governor was making would bring capitalism into Cuba. That american values would encroach into Cuba. As I was asking the question, he was saying 'no, no, no, no, no.' He was not concerned about that. He felt that communist, neo-communist socialist way of life would continue forever."

"When I was in Cuba I experienced every photographer's worst nightmare. I was there by myself, doing reporting and shooting, and as soon as Castro walked in the door to the University of Havana, my camera died. I had to run out, get batteries, and when I came back the six-foot-six Cuban guards were there in front of the door and wouldn't let me in."

"I didn't speak Spanish, I said 'I'm here to shoot Castro,' and they didn't like that of course. All of a sudden, I hear this lady across the street say 'Garry Moore, Garry Moore!' And it was a professor from ISU, Dr. Maro Toro Mouren. She got me to get inside, so that was one of my Cuba stories.

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