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Buddy Check 25: "Look Good, Feel Better" program

NORMAL, Ill. -- A cancer diagnosis is rough enough.

Combine it with the physical and emotional side effects of treatment, and it can be tough to cope.

Alicia Vermeulin delights in helping her clients look and feel their best.

“That's why you like the height. It looks good on you.”

You see, her clients are often cancer patients in the thick of treatment.

That means they are losing their hair, their skin is changing and many times they just don't look or feel like themselves.

"It takes a certain finesse, in a way, to work with somebody like that and be able to be empathetic to what they're feeling and to understand what they need,” said Alicia Vermeulin.

Every Monday Alicia brings her business, Ferdinand's Wigs, based in Peoria, to the Community Cancer Center in Normal.

She typically sees 10 to 15 patients, many of whom receive free wigs thanks to grant dollars and sometimes health insurance coverage.

"If you've had oily skin, it might become much drier."

On the first Monday of every month, cancer center patients can also take part in the “Look Good, Feel Better” program.

It's in partnership with the American Cancer Society and teaches beauty techniques to help breast cancer patients and others manage the appearance-related side-effects of treatment.

To register for a session call 800-227-2345, and don't forget to be proactive about your health.

Do a breast self-exam and remind a friend to do the same.

To learn more, go to our website and click on the health tab and then Buddy Check 25.

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