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Buddy Check 25: Bikers for Ta-Tas

PEORIA, Ill. -- In this month's Buddy Check 25 report we show you it's not just doctors and nurses that make an impact in the fight against breast cancer.

Bikers for Ta-Tas is one of those grassroots events coming up in July that shows a community and volunteers can also join the fight.

Registration is underway now. Money raised at the huge motorcycle ride and party help support the UnityPoint Health Methodist-Proctor Mobile Mammography Unity and other services for patients in need.

"It's another way to help raise awareness with a segment of our community and believe me, the bikers are..we get doctors and mechanics, we get soup to nuts," said Vice President for the UnityPoint Health Methodist-Proctor Foundation, Rob Parks.

About 1,700 motorcyclists participated in Bikers for Ta-Tas in 2015. You can join the fun this year on Saturday, July 16 for just $20.

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