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Peoria Salvation Army sees growing need this Thanksgiving

PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

A longstanding Thanksgiving tradition has returned for another year.

The Salvation Army hosted its annual Community Thanksgiving Day Lunch at the Sylvia Fites Family Service Center.

The food was provided by Childer's Eatery. 

Peoria resident Emanuel Yarber says he looks forward to the hot meal and the warm atmosphere every year.

"Things are kind of tight for me," said Yarber.

"If it weren't for this meal, I'd be out there trying to hustle up some money to buy me my next meal, he said.

Salvation Army Tri-County Coordinator Major Jesse Collins says the need for help during the holidays is growing.

"We see that everywhere we look" said Collins.

"Times are very difficult," he added.

Major Collins says with the generosity of the Peoria Community, he is confident the Salvation Army will raise enough money to provide everyone with a happy and comfortable holiday season.

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