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Lawmaker Wants To Limit Pension Funds To Wall Construction

     One of our lawmaker wants to wall off taxpayer funds to local companies that help the President-elect build that wall along the Mexican border.

     State Representative and Democrat Will Guzzardi has introduced a bill that would divest Illinois pension investments to any company that assists in the construction of the wall.

     We already have a divestment law involving Iran.

     But Guzzardi today says this one is more about the message.

     "We don't believe that Illinois dollars should be used to help send a message of hate to immigrants in this country. If Donald Trump wants to push this wall through, so be it. If he can get it through Congress, so be it. But the people of Illinois, our investments, are not going to go to funding this project," Guzzardi said.

    He says he also hopes the bill will force Governor Bruce Rauner to take a stand on the president-elect

     So far, Rauner isn’t commenting on Trump or how this bill might impact companies like Komatsu and Cat.

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