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Mark Welp

Mark Welp joined the HOI news team in March 2006. He and Gretchen Wirtz can be seen on HOI News Daybreak, the most important television show in history, weekday mornings from 5-7am.

In September 2010, Good Company debuted on HOI at 5pm giving Mark and Gretchen an additional half hour to entertain the masses...or at least themselves.

Mark spent his adolescent years in St. Louis and many of his golden years in Illinois. Four years at Columbia College in Chicago, two years at a TV station in Champaign and six years in the Heart of Illinois have given Mark great experiences in the Land of Lincoln.

In his free time, Mark enjoys following the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Bears and St. Louis Blues, listening to music, going to concerts, problem-solving with duct tape, taking road trips, annoying the neighbors in his condo association, robbing Peter to pay Paul and not working out.

Mark's family includes his wife Laura, twin daughters Anna & Lauren, twin daughters Abby & Emma, and cats Charlie & Lilly.

If you see Mark out and about, he loves talking with the viewers...just remember not to make eye contact or any sudden movements!

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